The Meaning of Dorje Gotrab Wish – Fulfilling Gem Mantra

Namo Maha Guru Buddha Guhye

Pema Kara Ye

Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra

Great Master Padmasambhava of Orgyen

Lhun grub, spontaneous presence, wisdom of Guru Padmasambhava, the union of all Buddhas’ body, speech and mind

To the Nirmanakaya Guru Rinpoche and his different enlightened activities and to the past, present, and future Buddhas Wishful Gem, I pray

Dorje Gotrab, also known as Vajra Armor, was first revealed by the great Treasure Master, Dorje Lingpa. He did not have a visualization. He only did mantra. 

It is very auspicious and benefits our body, speech and mind. Also, Guru Rinpoche’s Rainbow Dharma body of enlightenment comes very fast if we use Vajra Armor mantra.

Since Dorje Lingpa, there have been three Treasure Masters, who revealed the same Vajra Armor Treasure mantra. Some also include medicine with the mantra. Treasure Master Rolpi Dorjee’s sadhana has a visualization of Vajra Armor, Dorjee Gotrab. Khenpo Ngunkchung Rinpoche’s Treasure has the same visualization. And last year, my mind Treasure has the same Vajra Armor. 

Dorje Gotrab is a great wrathful yidam with fire and light flashing everywhere. He is laughing and has a phurba. Please see the thangka and sadhana for details.

These Treasures were from different centuries; different visions, and different writings. In this time, I especially want to help. I wish to benefit people because of the virus.

Guru Rinpoche already said that he would come to the world in time of sickness and for us to only do Vajra Armor practice. The writings say in this time, there will be different sicknesses; sickness we’ve never seen before and doctors can’t cure; hunger; fighting, and many serious social problems. So we can take care of our self in these difficult times, Guru Rinpoche said to only do Vajra Armor practice. This is a very secret, special mantra and Treasures. 

In this time now a lot of people respect Buddha Dharma and do think of doing Vajrayana meditation. And everyone really needs a healthy body and healthy mind. For these reasons, I open this Treasure, with blessings, and empowerment. I give to everyone because of Dharma generosity and compassion.

This is Dorje Gotrab. This is not forever given to people. Do not forget this. If you believe 100%, this will change the health of your body and change your mind as well for liberation. 

For this reason, today I’m going to give the meaning of the mantra of Vajra Armor.

OM is sounded as “Ah U Ma”. First, OM means Ah U Ma sounded together are the three kayas of body, speech and mind. This means Guru Rinpoche’s great mind; his speech meaning Dharma and Rainbow body. These are his three kayas and we pray to Guru Rinpoche. This is the same for all mantras OM AH HUNG or the short form, OM.

PADMA SHAWARI PHAD. Padma is pure lotus and it is Guru Rinpoche’s name. Shawari means all diseases; all mind diseases and suffering, and all body health problems are cleaned. Guru Rinpoche is blessing our mental and physical diseases and they are completely cleared. Tibetan Buddhism considers diseases in certain categories. Usually human sickness includes 424 different sicknesses. All these are purified, cleaned with ‘Padma Shawari Phad’. Although all sickness is cleaned, this has a special focus on problems with illnesses of our body. Diseases of our physical body are all cleaned and pure with ‘Padma Shawari Phad’.

NEN PARSHIG focuses on our breathing problems; demons harming us and causing diseases, and demons’ negativity forcing harm. All of these are cleaned. There are 21,000 diseases from separate demons. All purification of our negativity, demons and problems with our energy that is tsa lung, our speech, are destroyed.

NAGA NEN is focused on obstacles created by evil spirits; demons creating obstacles to the path, and mental problems. Today’s scientists talk of mental illness. There are 80,000 obstacles that can be created. There are also 360 new evil demons. ‘Naga Nen’ benefits these illnesses because all of these are destroyed with this part of the mantra.

This means Guru Rinpoche’s blessings of ‘Padma Shawari Phad’, ‘Nen Parshig’ and ‘Naga Nen’, together are body medicine, speech medicine and mind medicine that cleans and destroys all obstacles. This means with the first mantra, the physical body is healthy. The second is tsa lung, our energy and speech are good. The last one is we have a peaceful mind with no anger, no jealousy etc. This means all obstacles are destroyed.

TEYATHA means Guru Rinpoche is teaching and communicating with us. 

SARWA means everything.

WIRITA means very pure and clean. 

Pure body, pure speech, and pure mind. Everything is pure. This is ‘Sarwa Wirita’.

HANA HANA means liberation or freedom. Purification of body, purification of speech, and purification of mind.Karma purification, speech purification, and mind purification of all very deep negativities are now all pure.

In total, there are 101,784 different kinds of diseases. (424, 21,000, 80,000, 360 equals 101,784). This includes the 360 diseases that are induced by negative forces. With ‘Sarwa Wirita’, all of these become pure; everything is clean and everything is liberated. ‘Sarwa Wirita’ also means to take care of. ‘Hana Hana’ means everything is clean.

BEZER NA means, like a tent, a diamond vajra fills the sky and covers the earth. Everyone and everything are inside the tent and safe from all disease and harm.

RACHA RACHA means to take care of things.

“Bezer Na Racha Racha” is Dorjee Gotrab taking care of things. He is like a tent that is protective so no obstacles or illness can get inside.

SOHA means everything is absolutely and completely successful and excellent! May all sentient beings reach the great enlightenment.

This mantra is a liberation mantra of body, speech and mind. You can use medicine, mantra and the power of truth. Obstacles of sickness, demons, evil spirits and all negativity are cleaned. Pure body, pure speech, pure mind are now clean and everything is done fully and excellently. Now our three realms purification is three kayas liberation. This is the action of the mantra.

Now my dedication. We see the pure nature of all the Three Jewels and the Three Roots mantra’s nature of Rigpa. We see the teachings are true. Our Rigpa is three kayas great mindfulness, awareness. All sentient beings easily have Buddha enlightenment.

This was written in the Tibetan calendar 17, years Rat, February new moon. My feeling was to ask my Guru. He told me this is great. Then I wrote for everyone.

May all be happy and have a healthy life. May Peace come back to this world just like in Buddha’s time. May everyone have a Joyful life.

By Vidyadhara Amaho.

Awam Dzogchen Dharma Retreat.