26 Jun 2022

Memo on Shipping Status

Tashi Delek Everyone!

Today I have a message for all of my students in the world about the Dorje Gotrab Protection mandalas.

This message is for those who have not yet received the mandalas. The Dorje Gotrab mandala is coming soon.

Unfortunately, there is a delay because the area they were made in is now under a Covid-19 lockdown and people are in quarantine.

Consequently, many orders are not able to be shipped just yet.

Please be patient. They will be sent to everyone as soon as possible.

Also, if you would like to place an order, please contact Awam Tibetan Heart Center (US), Awam Geser Monastery (Slovenia) or Khenchen Lama’s Official websites (awamvajraarmor.com)

Having a Dorje Gotrab Protection mandala is very helpful for everyone.

Thank you everyone and I’m sorry it is slow because of the lockdown.

Yogi, yoginis, monks, nuns all great practitioners are blessing all of the mandalas. This is excellent for your protection.

You do not easily find Dorje Gotrab protection.

Hopefully soon they will be able to be sent and we can give them to everyone. Thank you.

Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.